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Carte de l'hôtel

Plan de l'hotel
Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen, Il dispose d'un emplacement privilégié et de conditions de transport commodes.
Il s'agit d'un hôtel d'affaires avec un décor élégant, une disposition exquise et un environnement magnifique, intégrant des chambres d'hôtes, de la nourriture chinoise et occidentale, du shopping en céramique, des divertissements, des réunions d'affaires et d'autres installations de service. Il est construit selon des normes étoiles élevées et suit le style de marque de 'l'appartenance et la loyauté, l'honneur et la liberté'.C'est le meilleur endroit pour vous engager dans le commerce, le tourisme, les loisirs et le divertissement.
Ses chambres d'hôtes ont des caractéristiques de style, et toutes équipées d'ordinateurs d'affaires LCD en ligne, des appels interurbains sans soucis, des commodités d'affaires, l'expérience de la qualité de vie, la poursuite de la chaleur familiale.
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Hôtel FAQ
  • Cet hôtel est de Jingdezhen Airport Quelle est sa distance?

    Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen est à 2.8km de l'aéroport.

  • Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen propose-t-il un service de navette?

    Oui, veuillez nous contacter après la réservation.

  • Quels sont les horaires d'arrivée et de départ à Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen ?

    L'enregistrement s'effectue à partir de 14:00 et le départ jusqu'à 14:00 à Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen.

  • L'établissement Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen dispose-t-il d'une piscine et d'une salle de fitness?

    Non, l'hôtel ne dispose pas de piscine ni de salle de sport. Voir plus de détails.

  • L'établissement Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen dispose-t-il un restaurant sur place ?

    Oui, vous pouvez manger à l'hôtel.

  • Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen dispose-t-il d'une connexion haut débit ou Wifi?

    Oui, veuillez contacter la réception de l'hôtel pour plus de détails.

  • Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen accepte-t-il le prépaiement?

    Acceptez, veuillez soumettre votre commande avant de nous contacter.

  • Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen accepte-t-il les cartes de crédit?

    Non, l'hôtel n'accepte pas les cartes de crédit.

  • Combien coûte le petit déjeuner de Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen?

    Petit déjeuner CNY38 / personne.

  • Quel est le tarif d'un séjour à l'établissement Grand Noble Hotel Jingdezhen?

    Les tarifs commencent à partir de CNY285, selon le type de chambre et la date.

Commentaires Plus
  • libby_libby3
    The transportation is very convenient. It is very close to Jingdezhen West passenger station. Next to it is the porcelain market. The hotel room has a big bed and breakfast is OK. Overall, it is recommended to stay.
  • cgl3564
    It takes 5 minutes to get to the bus station. The room is big and clean. It's quiet at night. It's very good!
  • juju212
    Apart from the distance to the West passenger station, the hotel has few advantages. The facilities are old, the service level is average, and it is not equipped with four-star standard.
  • e00097701
    The location is OK, next to the ceramic market, not bad.
  • crane43
    The room is very large
  • m01178213
    Next to the hotel is the porcelain city. It's near the expressway. The transportation is convenient. The room and toilet are small
  • fanfan_6989
  • icjobs
    It's local. Breakfast is average
  • odin_lalisa
    not bad
  • xinbao
    Your tail No. 4271 credit card costs 118.00 yuan at 10:01 on August 24. After the bill date, reply to the 'cczz# amount in the last four digits of the card number # number # periods' to handle the bill installment [China Construction Bank]
  • meiyang74
    This time I stayed in the Korean suite on the third floor of the rich family. The wedding banquet in the hotel was too noisy!
  • junyalee
    It looks like a luxury hotel, but it's a pity that the building is managed by such a group of people! Front desk reception can only be counted as dialogue (don't expect communication!) When I checked out, I took the initiative to find me a lot of money (I checked out with my card). I took the initiative to return it. The waiter didn't say thank you. It's no use looking at me! I'm really wonderful
  • babysue
    The hotels are very good. My wife said that the cost performance is not high. Breakfast is as good as ever. There are many varieties
  • cyrusxiao
    When checking in, I don't know why I cut off the electricity several times. The floor of the room was a little dark and looked old
  • jiemeitao
    I ordered the most expensive hotel for the leader
  • lm888
    Very good. I don't know if I was tired on the day I checked in. I think the bed is so comfortable!
  • melody_2007
    The room is good, the facilities are complete, the sanitation is good, the hotel lobby doesn't match the room, the service is also very general, when it rains, the front desk of the guest room borrows a circle, but it can't borrow an umbrella
  • amanda040191
    The overall feeling is good. The four-star hotel is very close to the porcelain market, but I still need to take a taxi. I can stay here next time.
  • sawysun
    It's not bad. The surrounding environment is a little bad. I'll go again next time
  • andycaiyu
    The hotel is very clean ~ very good ~
  • nmg old lady
    The traffic is pretty good. It's close to the bus station. It's a high-end hotel in Jingdezhen. Every time a friend comes to order this one, it's recommended to change the towel. Some of them are very broken
  • LST0728
    Very good
  • naweijoy
    Perfect facilities, fairly good service, convenient transportation, very clean
  • e02704373
    The location was good, the service was not good, it took more than ten minutes to check out
  • acceyl
    Compared with hotels of the same grade, the cost performance is very high. The waiter was very friendly
  • bwlong
    The hotel is located next to the west railway station. It's easier to find. It's Valentine's day, so it's hard to get a taxi.
  • icetibet
    The hotel facilities are OK, but it can't reach 4 stars. Average service
  • floatwood
    Cost performance is good, the family said that it is much more comfortable than the five-star Amethyst hotel!
  • alexpxd
    The hotel is close to China porcelain garden. It should be the best hotel around. The facilities are also good. The service wasn't up to standard. The TV remote control board was broken. I called the front desk and said I was looking for someone to see it. As a result, no one came to deal with it. Don't watch TV and brush your mobile phone. Fortunately, there is WiFi
  • adayang
  • parro
    The service of this hotel is very poor. I stayed for 7 days in a row. I didn't change the room to save the hotel. But not changing the room doesn't mean that the things in the room are replenished and cleaned every day. I didn't change the floor mats in the bathroom on the first day after I came in. They have been laid all the time. I put the bathrobe on the floor of the living room, which obviously means to change, but just hang it up for me to continue to use. In the meantime, I reflected the situation to the front desk several times, but there was no change. In addition to the restaurant, the room delivery list states that meals can be delivered before 8:30. I went back to the hotel and called the restaurant at 8:20 to reply that there was no business. The chef went home first. Finally, the front desk, I live for 7 days, the daily price is 628 yuan, 7788 consumption 4500 yuan, I asked for an invoice, the front desk on the spot gave me more than 2200 invoices, I asked him to check, he asked me to show the card receipt, fortunately I have saved, finally gave me a supplementary invoice. The holiday in this hotel is not directly proportional to the service.
  • virginous
    The boss is very satisfied
  • stevenTw
    The location is close to the expressway, the house is large, and the facilities are not new and clean
  • ecoliasd
    The others are OK, but the breakfast is too bad, the room is big, clean and convenient to travel
  • amengcm
    The hotel facilities are general. After check-in, it is found that the drainage pipe of the wash basin leaks. The service was even worse. When I first arrived at the hotel, because the family had too much luggage for travel, I had hoped that someone would come to help pick it up like other hotels. As a result, 'ask who would help pick up the luggage, and the doorboy shook his finger to drag the scooter', but I ignored you! After check-in, I hope to send two more pairs of slippers into the room. As a result, I called twice and went to the front desk in person. The service attitude of the service staff was very poor. They didn't deserve the four-star standard, let alone the name 'rich family'.
  • e00128815
    One price, one goods. Generally speaking, Wu You Suozhi
  • sammyfan
    The overall situation of the hotel is acceptable, but the location is a little biased, and the surrounding facilities are not very good.
  • fyan1999
    Very good, clean and hygienic, gave 5 points for everything.
  • E01547844
    The surrounding environment is a bit dirty and messy (working nearby). The appearance of the hotel is good, and the room is clean and tidy
  • fantasyliujia
    The hotel has good facilities and four-star standard. The free upgraded suite is quite good, and it is inconvenient to eat around
  • cms795
    For self driving, the location of the hotel is very good, convenient, clean and the staff are very friendly. There are many restaurants behind the hotel. It doesn't matter how late you arrive
  • wyw9868
    The best hotels and facilities in Jingdezhen are OK.
  • infimin
    not bad
  • dxy721209
  • liuying94
    The room facilities are relatively weak
  • yangnpu
    The hotel restaurant is very good, because the package is very cost-effective and delicious!
  • liu9519
    The parking lot on the road is very large, and there is a lot of food on the side. It's close to the bus station and the highway intersection. It's super convenient!
  • fusionabc
    Pass by and check in, but don't lose
  • luo_77
    The hotel is very close to the ceramic market and very convenient
  • iowissen
    Not bad. Complete facilities, with computers, good attitude. Unfortunately, the quilt cover has a strange smell, which may be the smell of disinfectant
  • c2509
    Very good, but the breakfast is poor
  • leiyangyu
    The hotel is old, the breakfast is average, the others are pretty good.
  • cmcly
    Health conditions are OK, especially the network service is good, the network speed is super fast!
  • fangwenjuan2
    Every aspect was very average, the breakfast was too bad
  • lsx0611
    The hotel has convenient transportation, very close to Jingdezhen West passenger station, next to the porcelain market. The parking lot is big and convenient.
  • a_maao
    According to the 4-star standard, it's really poor. The service attitude of waiters (especially restaurant waiters) is really poor. They are not like waiters in star hotels. They are very like large stalls!
  • dooting
    Nice environment, and breakfast. Second check in. The first time I remember it was 100.